Case Study: How Rising Panda gained initial traction for a beauty website

Executive Summary

  • Our client was a company interested in growing organically: a beauty and lifestyle website that could be monetised after 9 to 12 months.
  • We had to show early traction within the first three months, exceeding 100 000 unique, monthly users.
  • We built a strong foundation for a long-term growth, through tactics such as SEO, Social Media, content marketing and relationships with bloggers.


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A company, operating in multiple sectors including cosmetics production, interested in creating a new online marketing channel for their products. It planned to either acquire or organically grow a beauty and lifestyle website that could be monetised after 9-12 months.


  • Create an attractive, professional brand and website, without the necessity of spending much time and budget on web development and branding.
  • Show early traction within the first three months, exceeding 100 000 unique monthly users.
  • Plan and execute on long oriented growth activities, including branding, content marketing, community building and SEO.
  • Manage this project end-to-end, from website development and brand identity, down to copywriting, social media, SEO, relations with bloggers and analytics, without involving the client's internal resources.


Within the first two weeks, we crafted a brand identity, purchased a short, brandable domain, set up a website, launched a presence across all major social media and hired the first team members.

From the very beginning, we balanced initiatives yielding immediate results like Facebook marketing, while simultaneously building a strong foundation for long-term growth through such tactics as SEO, content marketing and developing relationships with bloggers.

We worked on this project for over 6 months. Eventually, we handed it over to the client’s internal team along with a clear growth playbook, containing a set of key marketing processes to follow in order to develop further growth.

Strategy & Preparation

  • Preparing a growth strategy, including specific campaigns for marketing channels, timeline, required team and budget.
  • Creating a brand identity including name, logo, tone of voice, domain and colors.
  • Designing and configuring the website with CMS to meet various quality standards (SEO, mobile, analytics, UI).
  • Creating and refining a growth marketing playbook (a set of key marketing processes with proven results) that could be performed by the client's internal team going forward.

Facebook marketing

  • Creating an official Facebook account and building a network of several related fan pages through acquisition or organic growth.
  • Selecting and promoting top articles via Facebook ads.
  • Regular posting on Facebook accounts to boost engagement and reach.

Content marketing

  • Selecting topics with the potential to gain traction in search engines and social media.
  • Crafting communication to bloggers and smaller brands.
  • Creating various type of content, including articles, reviews, blog posts, lists, social media posts and more.
  • Hiring and managing an editorial team of a few copywriters.

Blogs & Brands

  • Establishing relations with bloggers and engaging them through multiple initiatives, including a brand ambassador programme, guest posting, co-promotion and contests.


  • Creating quality content based on topics trending in organic search.
  • Acquiring a large quantity of quality links through various initiatives, targeting minor brands, bloggers and forums.
  • Launching a forum to improve long-tail phrases.
  • Optimizing the website for Google and mobile search.



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