Facebook Marketing consists of organic and paid tactics. Paid marketing involves Facebook Ads, while organic marketing – refers to all other activities, including the everyday management of accounts, content research and creation, communication with users and more.

Facebook can act as:

  • a platform for providing information and customer support to your users
  • a social proof for prospects researching your product or company
  • a source of conversions (purchases, registrations etc.) and traffic
  • a place to present your brand to the wide audience and build awareness
  • and much more…

Organic and paid marketing reinforce each other. In order to gain high reach and engagement, it is essential to tailor the content to the target audience, using the right copy and creatives, but also picking the right timing and frequency of posting. If our post has a good organic reception, we can boost its performance further by spending even a small paid budget on it. As a result, we can get a large reach with a tiny cost per click or cost per desired action.

Another key factor that can help to intensify both organic and paid campaigns is having a base of related fan pages, groups, and influencers who can act as a distribution channel for our relevant posts. There are different ways to create such a network – including partnerships and takeovers. We specialize in both.

Key Benefits

We prepare a social media strategy tailored to your product and execute on it, providing full service management of your social media channels.


What we do:

  • We prepare a social media strategy adjusted to your product, including goals, communication strategy, and posting schedule
  • We set up primary social media accounts
  • We create content for social media, including copy and graphics
  • We perform content research to guide copywriters and share interesting content for the target audience
  • We manage social media accounts on a daily basis, scheduling posts and communicating with users
  • We manage paid campaigns – selecting content, creating promotions, monitoring the results and optimizing in real-time
  • We build a network of fan pages, groups, and influencers to amplify the message


Examples of tools we use for Facebook Marketing:

  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Buzzsumo
  • Brand24
  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Google Analytics