Google PPC allows you to promote through paid advertising in Google’s Search Network (Google Search, Google Maps and Google Groups) and Display Network (including Google Sites like YouTube or Gmail, and thousands of partnering websites).

Google PPC works based on keywords. People use keywords to search for products of services. If your ad matches the search query, it will be displayed in Google search results or on some of their partnering websites with related content. You are charged every time the user clicks on the ad or takes your desired action (for example, makes a purchase).

In contrast to SEO, which usually takes longer to bring about its benefits, Google PPC delivers immediate results. Right after you create a campaign and define a budget, your ads will start being displayed. Of course, your ads are visible only as long as you keep spending money.

We love Google PPC because it is an effective, flexible channel with very transparent reporting. If you set your analytics right, you can see exactly how effective each of your campaigns, keywords or ads is (otherwise, you may be looking at various vanity metrics). Based on this you can make smart decisions and constantly improve your performance.

Key Benefits

We create effective PPC campaigns from scratch, or keep optimizing your existing campaigns, to make sure that you drive more quality leads and revenue for less.


We can provide you with the following services:

  • competitive research including copy, ad creatives and keywords
  • keyword research including long-tail phrases
  • campaign setup and everyday management
  • campaign optimization
  • reporting and experimentation
  • developing new features to improve conversion (expanded text ads, price extensions, local search ads, cross-device remarketing etc.)


Examples of tools we use for Google PPC management:

  • Google Adwords
  • Keyword Planner
  • Similarweb
  • SEMRush